Environmental protection and planning

Services dedicated to the management of topics related to the environment, waste and waste logistics.


  • Composting plant for solid waste;
  • Acidity corrector plant from alkaline waste;
  • Solar drying unit for wet waste (sludge in general);
  • Waste gasification/pyrolysis;
  • Anaerobic digestion of waste;
  • Global waste management – general logistics;
  • Global waste management - collection routing;
  • Global waste management - sizing of equipment and teams;
  • De-characterization of products and packaging.


  • PGRS - Solid Waste Management Plan
  • PGRCC - Civil Construction Waste Management Plan
  • PGRSS - Health Services Management Plan


  • Potential for waste treatment and recovery;
  • Economic viability of waste treatment processes;
  • Project pricing.


  • Global waste management;
  • Training - circular economy concepts;
  • Training - National Solid Waste Policy.

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